Australian Unity

Australian Unity is a private health insurance company that has been providing cover for more than 50 years. There are around 560,000 Australians that have some form of cover with the health care provider. Australian Unity’s annual revenue comes in at around $1 billion. It employs 1,500 staff around Australia.

The sixth biggest health fund in the country, Australian Unity also runs Grand United Corporate, or GU Health. GU Health offers its tailored services to the corporate sector.

Three dental clinics also operate under the Australian Unity umbrella. Remedy Healthcare, a facility also managed by the group, offers life and well-being coaching, chronic disease assistance and management (for those living with illnesses such as asthma and diabetes) as well as at-home rehabilitation programs to help those recovering from major surgery or illness to get back on their feet as soon as possible.

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Members’ Benefits

Those people looking to quit smoking, get into better shape or just have a higher level of health and well-being may be interested in some of the benefits that Australian Unity provides. Over $450 is paid back to members in benefits to help with losing weight, quitting smoking or even a normal GP consultation.

The health insurance company has launched an initiative called Wellplan Online. The thorough and in-depth service provides members with a wealth of information that contributes to a better and fuller lifestyle.

Australian Unity also claims it has a comprehensive extras cover. The No Gap Dental Network aligned with the health care provider means that members will not have to pay any out-of-pocket expenses when they visit one of the affiliated dental clinics.

The health care fund reminds members that if they are a single person earning more than $80,000, or on a combined household salary of $160,000, signing up with a private health insurer can help reduce their tax. Children aged up to 23, or 25 if they are currently students or taking part in a recognised apprenticeship program, can be covered under their parents plan and no further charges will apply for them.

Australian Unity has launched a referral program as an added incentive to existing members. When a member recommends a friend or family member to sign up with the fund, the existing member will receive a $100 gift voucher as part of the referral program.

There is no two month waiting period with Australian Unity, allowing new members to begin making claims on some services almost immediately.

Retiree Services

Australian Unity provides help for those people who are no longer employed full-time. The Retirement Living program is responsible for several aged care facilities standing in New South Wales and Victoria. Currently, there are more than 1,830 residential units, 451 nursing beds and 180 emergency and community care packages offered by Australian Unity.

According to its official website, one of Australian Unity’s business aims is to assist people in residential environments by offering a selection of life, health and well-being solutions that help their members have the best quality of life.

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